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Alabama Workers’ Compensation Defense

Defending Alabama Workers’ Compensation Claims

As an Alabama employer, your company faces potential legal challenges every day. While businesses in some industries are more prone than others, one challenge all employers have in common is the risk of workplace injuries. With only certain limited exceptions, Alabama law requires employers with at least five employees to maintain workers’ compensation insurance to provide benefits to their employees.

The attorneys at Levy, Thompson, Sibley & Hand, LLC represent both local and global corporations in Alabama workers’ compensation claims. We have the experience and insight to advise you in developing loss-mitigation strategies and evaluating employees’ claims. We stoutly represent your interests in disputes over workers’ compensation claims.

About the Alabama Workers’ Compensation System

In certain respects, the Alabama workers’ compensation system provides protections for both employers and employees. For employers, compliance with the law provides protection from ordinary civil lawsuits seeking unspecified damages for injuries their employees suffer on the job. In most cases, the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act limits recoveries to actual medical expenses and compensation for lost time from work, and the law places caps on the number of weeks that employees are entitled to wage compensation for various injuries.

In exchange, employees get the benefit of a “no-fault” compensation system. Simply put, if a qualifying employee suffers a work-related injury, he or she will be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if the employer was not at fault in causing or contributing to the accident.

Of course, this does not mean benefits claims are cut and dry. Employers and their insurers regularly find themselves defending against claims that are (i) invalid from the outset, and (ii) excessive in terms of the amount of benefits claimed.

Defenses to Workers’ Compensation Claims

Fortunately, Alabama law recognizes numerous defenses to unjustified benefits claims. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping employers and insurance companies minimize their liability for alleged job-related illnesses and injuries.

Some of the available defenses include:

  • Employee misconduct, intoxication or willful failure to comply with safety standards
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • False allegations
  • Injuries are unrelated to job duties or workplace conditions
  • Expiration of the limitations period

If your company is facing a workers’ compensation claim, we can help you assess your potential exposure, protect your interests, and enforce your legal rights.

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